Week 5, Term 1 2021

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Principal's Message

Tēnā koutou katoa

Ngā mihi nui, ki a koutou katoa - Warm greetings to you all.

Thank you to our school families for your support at Deep Water Safety lessons. Learning about deep water and how to be safe in deep water situations is such an important skill for our tamariki. This additional learning opportunity is only possible when we have parents who are willing and able to get in the water alongside our students. A big thank you to those parents who were able to help.

It was fantastic to see so many junior parents come along to the Splash and Dash last week. The children loved having you there to cheer them on and join them at lunchtime.

We understand the importance of a birthday in the primary years, and enjoy the opportunity to share our learners special day at school.

As a family you may wish to do something special at school to mark this occasion.

At TPS we have many children with various dietary considerations, therefore please do not send cakes or lollies to school for a birthday Save these treats for your celebration at home. We will not be able to share cakes or lollies with children, and will ask that you take them home. This can be awkward and embarrassing for you and us.

If you would like to include the school in the celebration of your child's birthday, please donate a book suitable for the school library. This book will be shared with the class and then will be available for borrowing from the school library. All donated books will have a note added recognising that the book was donated in recognition of your child's birthday.

Also, some student lunches have included lollies, soft drinks and energy drinks. Just a friendly reminder, we are a water only school and ask that lollies and chocolate are saved for at home treats.

In the last round of employment negotiations for teachers in NZ, eight Teacher Only Days were awarded to address opportunities for professional learning and managing workload. At TPS, last year three Teacher Only Days were used, this year another three will be utilized and the final two will be coordinated for 2022. The first 2021 Teacher Only Day will be on the 19th March. We will be using this day to engage in professional learning regarding our change to a Structured Literacy approach.

This year the major professional learning and development focus for our TPS team is in Literacy. Our school teaching staff are working with the team from Learning Matters to learn and deliver an evidence based Structured Literacy teaching approach across our school. We are currently working through online modules to upskill ourselves and will have regular in-class coaching and mentoring opportunities throughout 2021.

We are very excited about this new development for our TPS curriculum. The research evidence clearly indicates that by using an explicit, systematic and cumulative school wide approach to literacy teaching, we should be able to further improve learning outcomes for all students.

Throughout the year some teaching practices will change at TPS; as this happens we will notify parents about the changes, why we are changing, what we are aiming to achieve as well as ways you can support the learning from home.

Anxiety is a very strong emotion that can result in equally strong physical and emotional reactions to, what appears to us as, normal everyday situations. Supporting children with strong feelings of anxiety is challenging. Whatever you can do to be a strong, steadying presence will be the right thing to do. Nothing you say or do can make it go away, but if you can walk through it beside them, you’ll make a difference.

"It’s just on the other side of fear that our children learn what they are capable of. It’s how they stretch their edges and start to discover their potential. When they move through fear, they learn that the things that feel scary most often aren’t, that they can be anxious and brave at the same time, and that they can do hard things. When our children respond to anxiety with avoidance, rather than moving through, they lose the opportunity to learn these important lessons. They will stay safe, but they won’t realise they are capable of bigger, braver things. They won’t have the evidence they need to trust their own capacity to move through anxiety. The option – and it’s powerful – is for us to trust in their capacity to overcome the fear/anxiety enough for them to step forward." This article gives a great overview about anxiety in children as well as positive and practical ways you can support them to 'move through the fear'.

The Friends of the School is an amazing group of TPS parents that come together to support our school. Over the years they have led various fundraising and FUN-raising initiatives (eg. the free rides at our family picnic, Frosty Fridays, Pizza Lunches, and Discos ) for our school. The funds raised have then contributed to creating an awesome learning environment for our children. The FOTS have contributed to the refurbishment of all three playgrounds, the installation of the turf and most recently. the water play feature - Taurikura. It would be great to have some new parents join the FOTS, we only meet twice a term and it is a wonderful way to get to know new people, meet the TPS senior leadership team and contribute to your school. The next meeting is on the 16th March, 6:30pm, in the staffroom- we would love you to come and join us.

A very warm TPS welcome to Grant Cooper who started recently at our school. Glad to have you and your family as part of our TPS TEAM.

Thank you for your continued support.

Noho ora mai


Fiona Hawes

Principal | Tumuaki


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House spirit Day - March 26th - wear your house colours to school

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There are occasions that a child may need a lunch provided whilst at school. We currently have a list of school parents who are able to provide additional lunches for children. These requests could be for one or two lunches one day a week for a term, or maybe one lunch for 3 days, to help a school family through a challenging time.

Providing lunches is always very much appreciated by the families concerned and the school. Your contribution is provided anonymously through the school office.

If there are any parents who would like to add their name to the list please contact dp@tauranga.school.nz or admin@tauranga.school.nz .

Equally, if you are experiencing some challenges providing school lunches for your children, please let us know. We are here to help. Talk with your child's teacher or email us.

TPS Swimming Sports - Year 3 to 6 - 16th March 2021

Date: Tuesday 16th of March (postponement date is 17th March for the competitive events only)

Venue: Memorial Pools

Time: 9:00am-10:45am Middle School (events begin around 9:30am) Students

need to arrive at school by 8:50am please.

10:00am-1:00pm Senior School (events begin around 10:45am)

Who: Years 3-6 competitive and non-competitive

Transport: Middle School will walk from TPS at 9:00am and return just after 10:45am. The Senior School will walk from TPS at 10:00am and leave at 1:00pm.


Lunch: The children will be back at school for lunch- please ensure they have plenty to eat

What you need to bring:

  • Wear house shirt to school - this will then be worn over togs when not in the water. Your child will still need to bring their school uniform shirt to wear home afterwards as their house shirt will get wet over their togs.

  • Togs, two towels, goggles, rash shirts, hat (school), sunscreen

  • Food and full water bottle - enough for a full day

  • Your best behaviour and a positive “can do” attitude

  • A fleece or jacket in case the weather is cold

  • A raincoat

If it is raining:

The decision will be made by 7:30am whether the middle school and those competing in senior non-competitive will attend. Senior competitive events will still go ahead unless there is torrential rain, in which case they will be moved to the postponement date. An email will be sent and check TPS Facebook will be updated.

Parental assistance

If you are able to assist with timing and/or recording for our competitive events please email Jo Taele at sport@tauranga.school.nz.

If we are still at Level 2 no parents will be able to attend - apart from those who are registered to help .

FOTS (Friends of the School)

The next FOTS (Friends of the School) meeting is the AGM. It is scheduled for week 7, in the staffroom, on Tuesday night - 16th March 2021, 6:30 -7:30pm. Do come along!
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    • 24th Feb - 10th March - Deep Water Safety - Windermere
    • 16th March - TPS Swimming sports
    • 16th March - FOTS (Friends of the school) meeting, 6:00pm-7:30pm
    • 18th March --Top Schools 3:45 - 7:00pm
    • 19th March - Teacher Only Day- no children at school
    • 23rd March - Board of Trustees meeting 7:00pm
    • 26th March - House Spirit Day - wear your house colours
    • 31st March - Year 5 Camp- Waimarino
    • 31st March - Year 6 Discovery day
    • 1st April - Year 6 Discovery day
    • 2nd April - Good Friday- School Closed
    • 5th April - Easter Monday - School Closed
    • 6th April - Easter Tuesday - School Closed
    • 12th-16th April - Kids can ride- Seniors
    • 16th April Last day of term- school finishes usual time

Contact Details

Please notify the office if your phone number, email, address or emergency contact details have changed recently: office@tauranga.school.nz

It is essential that we are able to make contact with every family.

Email is our most common way of communication - you are able to have up to two email addresses listed to receive newsletters and direct correspondence from the school.

Don't worry if you have moved outside of our school zone, once your child has started at TPS their place is secure.


Tauranga Primary School would like to acknowledge the continued support of Tauranga Veterinary Services and Bike Garage. These businesses advertise on our Vistab system used by families to record children in and out of the school outside standard hours. We encourage you to consider them for your animal health care or cycling needs:

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The DooDahs Birthday Tour 2021

Back by popular demand… The DooDahs are on tour performing their brand-new fun packed, high energy, laugh-out-loud show in the upcoming months.

The DooDahs are a quirky, rock pop band entertaining the whole family with wacky humour, fun adventures and world class music.

The DooDahs are inviting families to come and enjoy a visual and musical ride with captivating characters and songs to “rock your socks off.” You can dance, sing and play along with the Doodahs at their first live shows, 11am and 1:30pm, on Saturday March 13th at Tauranga Boys College and Saturday March 27th at Mount Maunganui College. Tickets cost $15 from Eventbrite visit https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/o/the-doodahs-32256869487 to purchase tickets. Book now as seats are limited! More shows to be announced so keep in touch by visiting www.thedoodahs.co.nz or on Facebook & Instagram @DooDahSuperstar



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