Mr. Cook's English 10B

Blocks 5,6,7: 2/11; Blocks 1,2: 2/16

2/11 and 2/16

1) Quiz over Part Two of Fahrenheit 451

2) Reviewed figurative language and literary skills

HW: students should catch up on the reading if they are behind: read through page 115 in the paperback edition or 123 in the hard cover.

Optional: check out the link to the movie below. It isn't the greatest quality of upload, but it will still reinforce many of the themes, literary devices, and conflicts of the novel. Don't replace reading with viewing, but it will help you if you are struggling with or enjoying the book.

Questions while reading or doing homework?

Ask for a pass to see Mr. Cook during 3rd block SRT.

You can also ask for a pass to get help at the tutor lab in room A-525.

Tips for Mr. Cook's Class

If you have a reading assignment, you will most likely have a quiz when returning to class. Take notes while reading to help your comprehension, and you can also use them on the quiz.

Keep your assignments. Many of them will be quite helpful on the reading quizzes, and all of them will help you study for tests.

When absent, complete the assignments and activities on these fliers. If you need help or further directions, ask Mr. Cook for help as soon as you return to school.

Late assignments are marked down 50%, so be sure to turn all assignments in on time.