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Fall of 2013

Welcome to Theisen, Mrs. Dettlaff!

The Theisen math team welcomes a new member

The Theisen math department welcomes Mrs. Dettlaff, a great addition, to its math team. Mrs. Dettlaff is taking on the responsibility of 8th grade math. She brings with her a wealth of experience.


Mrs. Dettlaff, a new Theisen teacher, went to high school in Palatine, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. After high school, she attended UW - Oshkosh for her college experience.

After college, Mrs. Dettlaff, actually taught in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a total of two years. After that she taught in Houston, Texas, for one year. Finally, she went to Payson, Illinois, teaching math and science. It was Payson where she decided that teaching math in middle school would be her "dream" job.

According to Mrs. Dettlaff, Theisen is a place where she can see herself teaching for a long time. Since she moved around a lot over the last seven years, she was looking for a place where she could stay for a while. She feels Theisen is that place.

Outside of teaching, Mrs. Dettlaff has led a very interesting life. She was in the Army National Guard for six years and was activated twice. She even was activated for two weeks to help in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina. In the Army, her job was to drive a tractor trailer, hauling supplies and troops who were building medical clinics and schools.

Outside of work, Mrs. Dettlaff enjoys reading, running, and walking. However, her absolutely favorite thing to do is to sit on the floor and play with her young children. (See video below.)

Theisen welcomes Mrs. Dettlaff to her new position here, hoping she has finally found the school where she wants to stay for many more years.

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