Have you ever heard of a Javelina?

We are trying to set up memories on a Mexico Javelina hunt

We are providing this unique opportunity to go on a bow only hunt with you or a family member/loved one. Only 2 Javelina per hunter, minimum of 2 day hunt and a maximum of 6-10 hunters at a time, there is night hunting. Ranches vary from 1,000 to 6,500 acres and you must have a license and these hunts conduct from January to mid March

Images of Javelina

We invite you on our hunt!

We want you to come make memories that will last with us, whether for more prize catches or a more casual hunt, we encourage all to try.

Buffalo Creek Ranch

We are located in Leakey, TX which is right out of San Antonio, you could drive to us if you're local, or fly to us through a nearby airport.