Mockingjay By:Suzanne Collins

Maggie Sherrod Block 4


I think the theme of the Mockingjay is to have the courage to do what you believe in because Katniss definitely is fighting for their freedom to not do the Hunger Games. To do things how you want instead of hurting people. Not letting someone control you either. I think that is the theme of the Mockingjay.


Katniss: Her symbol is her gold Mockingjay pin. The Capitol doesn't like her. President snow is trying to kill her. Katniss is scared her family, Peeta, Gale, her mom, Prim and herself. Katniss is the protagonist of the story.

Peeta: He is married to Katniss. He got captured by the Capitol then rescued to district 13. He thinks Katniss is a devil. When he sees Katniss he jumps on his bed where he is strapped down so he won't hurt anyone. Peeta is also a protagonist.

President Snow: He thinks Katniss should be killed. He tries to kill her and set up a trap for her to get killed. His mission is to show people that Katniss is dangerous. President snow is the antagonist of the story because he is the bad guy.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict of the Mockingjay is that President Snow is trying to torture and kill Katniss because in the first Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta won by saying they will eat poison berries so they could die together. President Snow didn't like that. President Snow thinks the only way to bring her down is to hurt the one's she loves. the conflict is man vs. man

Exposition-Katniss sees her home, district 12 in bits. President Snow did this to her home after the second Hunger Games she was in.

Conflict-The capitol is trying to hurt Katniss and her loved one's.

Rising Action-When Prim dies.

Falling Action-When Peeta gets saved from the capitol and back into District 13.

Resolution-When Peeta and Katniss start a life together.


Symbolism in the Mockingjay is a mockingjay. A mockingjay represents a symbol of rebellion. Rebellion to the capitol. Another one is strength. Katniss had to have a lot of strength especially when Prim died. She had to have the strength and the courage to fight against the capitol.