The Big One That Will Not Get Away

hunted by Nathan Dale🔪

a simple dream

When I was a little boy I always loved to cook. In boy scouts, they taught me how to cook for camping trips, so that gave me some experience. After a while, I learned how the resturaunts so I wanted to be the manager for a resturaunt, but that does not mean I do not want to cook!

first things first (high school)

In order to be able to get into the job I must take some sort of cooking classes. There are many to choose from so I will need to take my time my time, but I must take important ones so I can get the job. I need to take nc academic scholars course, AP courses, and honors classes. after all of that is done, I needed to plan for college. I need to find out about the masters degree too.

getting into college

The college I will go to is the Art Institute of Raleigh. Because I live in the state, it was cheaper. I need to get aquatinted with the college for I will be there for 6 years in order to get a masters degree.

The "beef" of it

Now that Im in college I need to live on campus, so that ment no more living with parents. There was a couple of classes I needed to take. I want to take Culinary managment and cooking for the job, and possibly Culinary arts. I also need to do a few things once I got out of college. The university costs me $25,400, so, I got a loan from the bank, now I have to pay it back.

the hard part

Now that I have gotten out of college it is time to start my job and pay the bank loan back. For 6 years in college it costs $25,400, in my job you get $4309.75 a month, also I must pay back the loan which is $52.56 monthly so every month I would end up with $4257.19 a month. After that I was now free from the loan and college and I will work as a Casino Restaurant Manager.

and so the story ends

After all of the work put into this I could work for thousands of casinos around the world. I could work at the las Vegas strip and probably get a ton more money than I thought of. There is many opportunity's to choose from, but I hope I can stay in North Carolina.