What are Locker Searches

Locker Searches are the searching of students' lockers to ensure school safety. Many schools already do this practice but all schools should make this a part of their system ("Talbot"). It consists of searching a students locker with a justifiable reason to search. There are several laws regarding locker searches and how they are conducted. These laws restrict the use of locker searches and are the cause of many lawsuits. However, When done properly, they are necessary to protect the school from threats within its own community. ("Membership")

Reasons All Schools should have Locker Searches

Do you value security and safety? These things cannot be guaranteed in the school environment without locker searches. We will never know what students keep in their lockers without either authorized or random locker searches. Some might say that locker searches violate the students' rights to privacy. This right is obviously overruled by the need of safety for the rest of the students. Also, if a locker is part of school property, it should be legal for it to be searched at any time. ("Talbot")
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How does this affect you?

Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or friend of someone in the school environment we all want the same thing. Everyone wants the school environment to be safe, this is why many people are opting for school locker searches. Do you want the safest, most secure place for education? Locker searches cannot guarantee absolute safety in schools but it will significantly lower the amount of school violence and school drug use. ("Casio")


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