"We need a Hero"

No God, No Hope, Know God, Know Hope

We need to believe in Someone bigger than ourselves.

The type of person it would take to lead the way in solving this problem is someone that knows the true meaning of loving God and knowing what he can do.

The values and emotions they uphold.

  • Worship only God
  • Respect all people
  • be humble
  • be honest
  • live a moral life
  • be generous with time and money
  • practice what you preach
  • don't be self-righteous
  • don't hold a grudge
  • forgive others

How they respond to their fellow man

Tell people that knowing God is the best way, that knowing him your life will be easier. With God anything is possible.

The actions they take

  • Lead others to God
  • travel the world to talk about the word of God


when looking at a christian you can see the love for everyone they have, the happiness they share. A christian could look like anyone, doesn't matter who you are, just matters who you feel inside for God.