Makaylah Krocza


I am currently living with my mom, dad, little sister, older brother and my grandma. The rest of my family live in either Maine, California, and Minnesota. I myself was born in Minnesota but moved to Missouri when i was about three. My best friends are Estela Jacquez, Talia Hinkley and Abby Morris.


Well currently we don't have too many grades in the grade book but last quarter I received all A's and i haven't joined any clubs or teams this quarter but I've been in Cross Country and the school play. The classes here are keeping me busy but I'm not too over worked.


My main hobbies are reading but I also enjoy writing, sketching and photography.

Career Day

I'm am really looking forward to Career day because I get to hear from a firefighter, police officer and forensic scientist. It's also a half day and the last day of school until spring break.