Math Workout

The truest full body workout!

Target Market?

Parents with children ages 6 - 9.

What is it?

A fun exercise game for children that helps them make connections from what they learned in math to physical activity.

How do you play it?

  1. 4 players must choose 4 game pieces, and set their pieces in their lanes at the section of the board entitled, "Start."
  2. Whoever is in Lane 1 becomes Player 1, Lane 2 is Player 2, and so on. Player 1 gets to go first, so they pick a card from the Math Drill deck.
  3. Player 1 must solve the equation on the card as well as complete the number solved of whatever exercise on it (ex.: 5 x 5 = ____ jumping jacks) in order to spin the spinner to move their piece.
  4. Player 1 gets to spin, and whatever number the the spinner lands on is how many spaces they will move their game piece.
  5. Player 1 does that.
  6. Player 2 does the same as Player 1
  7. Player 3 does the same as Player 1
  8. And so does Player 4 until one player reaches the end first.