Sexting Is Bad

Think About What It Could Lead To

It Could Get You In Trouble With The Law

It could lead to child pornography or sexual harassment charges which can get you into prison.It could also lead to a felony, and you would have to register as a sex offender.

Be Your Own Person

Don't let anyone control you, be yourself. If anyone tries to hurt you or do anything you don't like TELL someone, an adult that you know and trust. If you ever get something sent to you like sexting then show an adult don't just delete it show an adult as soon as you get it.

Sexting is bad so don't do it and Don't encourage people so just don't

The majority of victims are teens

Percents of teens

40% of teens are sexting 22% girls and 18% boys. Most teens feel pressured to do it but others do it as a joke.