Courtney Pittman



Could you imagine your child being bullied at and after school? You can be bullied at any time. It could happen in the hall, in the classroom it could happen anywhere. Bullying is a problem but their are ways to stop it.

Bullying is a problem to parents and to their children. Cyber bullying is when when you Email or text somebody rude stuff or bully somebody about what they do or what they say. Many parents are not aware that their child or children are being bullied. Although children or teens can just tell an adult, 20 percent of high school students had thoughts about committing suicide.

The first step to stop a bully is to tell an adult instead of suffering in silence. No one wants to be picked on. Tell adults when you are being bullied. Tell the bully how it feels when you're bullied. bullies just bully people to impress other people. People dread of being the outcast. Most of the school staff didn’t listen to the students when they said they were being bullied. Teachers and adults need to keep an eye on students. Don’t erase the message because its evidence you’re being bullied. people are wanting to tell the bully how it feels to be bullied. They help the bully understand that its not good to bullY. If you tell a bully to stop and they don’t just walk away and tell an adult. Start an anti-bully program.

Parents don’t know their child is being bullied.

Some teachers don’t believe students when they say

they are being bullied.