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UNIT 1 Of Mice and Men

In February we will:

  • Learn about how an author's values and world views are reflected in their work.

  • Watch part of Riding the Rails

  • Read Of Mice and Men, listening along with the audiobook
  • Answer chapter questions
  • Make 'real world' connections (sometimes to Steinbeck's time and sometimes to today). Look for and present to the class, songs and poems and advertisements from the Depression Era and show and tell how they reflect the values and worldview of their time.
  • Watch the movie
  • Compare and contrast one literary element between the book and the movie in a Compare and Contrast Essay

UNIT 2 - From Story to Film - The Elements of Narrative

In March we will:

  • Study two short / story movie combinations, working on the Elements of Narrative and the terminology associated with film studies
  • Learn a bit about 'eras' in both literature and film and about how those eras reflect the values and world views of the writers and the target audiences.
  • Write a comparison essay or create powerpoint presentation of a narrative song (ballad) turned into a 'music video' in which you show you understand the concept of the unit. This can be completed in writing or as a presentation.

UNIT 4 - The Chocolate Wars OR Indian Horse

In April / May we will

  • Continue our study of values and world views in text by reading either The Chocolate Wars or Indian Horse (either together or in groups - as you wish)

  • Answer chapter questions that lead to keeping a reading journal reflecting on key quotations through personal narrative
  • Use knowledge of film to create a photo strip of one sequence in the novel using phones or iPads or other cameras; publish
  • OR, use knowledge of Elements of Narrative to write a missing scene
  • Complete a 'test' on the novel
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UNIT 5 - Creative Writing and Presentation

In April we will

  • write and present Personal Narrative Essays

UNIT 6 Short Novel (Independent, Group or Class - we can decide)

In May / June we will

  • read short novel along with an audiobook
  • complete a Culminating Series of Assignment choices on the novel that involve research
  • Prepare for the exam
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