Australia- Western Australia

Home of the Kangaroo !

Physical Features

Mount Augustus- Basically a giant rock

Wolfe Creek Crater- Caused by a Meteorite- Picture-------------------------

The Pinnacles- Yellow, mysterious pieces of rock in the desert

Ningaloo Reef- In the Coral Sea

Horizontal Waterfalls- May not actually fall, but can amaze people

Things to see

Cable Beach- GIGANTIC-

Greens Pool- Actually a pool

Kings Park- Good view of Australia

Torndirrup National Park- On the coast

Penguin Island-LITERALLY- Picture--------------------------------------------------

Natural Resources

Iron ore


Diamonds- Picture -----------------------------------------------------------------------





Parliamentary Democracy

Monarchy- Picture ------------------------------------------------------------------------

What do Australians do for fun ?

They watch Aussie Rules.

Definition of Aussie Rules- a fast-paced game like no other, it involves running the ball, punting, receiving, dribbling, and tackling.

It is really addicting

Percentage of Religion in Western Australia

Christianity- 61.1%

No religion- 31.7 %

Buddhist- 2.5 %

Muslim- 2.2 %

Hindus- 1.3 %

Jews- 0.5 %

Where did the people come from ?

Over 35 % were born overseas

62.9 % were born in Australia

8.9 % in England

3.2 % in New Zealand

1.6 % in South Africa

1.3 % in India

1.2 % in Scotland

Are there Native Tribes ?

Yes there are, they are called Aborigines and they are native to Australia

What do they do ? They make totems, paint themselves white for festivals, and play songs with a dijeridoo- Definition- A pipe hollowed out by termites with holes, like a flute.

Where is Western Australia located ?

Well it is- as you guessed it- on the Western side of Australia.

Are there a lot of resources ?

There is a lot of Oil, Gas, Iron ore, and Coal

Is it too hot ? Too cold ?

The capital of Western Australia is bathed in sunshine for an average of nine hours a day.

Map of Western Australia

The town Esperance has a lot of gold