Unit 1

By. Ashlee Tufo

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This company is a large corporation that is known world wide. Their coffee beans are mostly from Latin America. Here in North America people are living off Dunkin Donuts coffee. There slogan tells it all "America runs on Dunkins." New England is the most loyal to Dunkin Donuts coffee. Even if its 10 degrees people in New England need their Dunkins.
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Coffee Beans

Dunkins original coffee beans come from Colombia, South America where they crop the beans and ship them to Massachusetts. In Massachusetts they get there coffee water from Boston and the beans go to Cambridge Mass.
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Word wide

Dunkin Donuts is all around. It comes from one place and goes to another. Their coffee beans are made in Columbia, South America and go to Massachusetts. There the beans are transfered from beans to Dunkin Donuts coffee.