Oak Room Newsletter

Week of April 4, 2016

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This week as told by the Oaks...

We had a new unit in writing. In exploration some of us got to make half of ice cream.

Ellei's mom stayed for the whole day. We made signs and rules for the things at the carnival. Exploration was an hour and fifteen minutes. We did not have writing.

We had a carnival today and tomorrow. No one changed the schedule.

It was day 2 of our carnival. We got a tattle box. We had cozy lunch and the person who did it had to make more "Pass the Parcel" wrapping.

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The carnival was a hit!

A few months ago when the Oak class was walking by the gym, they saw that the middle schoolers were having a carnival. When the Oaks asked their teachers, "Hey, why can't we have a carnival?" the response was, "Well, can we?" The Oaks spent months reading books about carnivals, brainstorming game ideas, exploring carnival patterns in math, making decorations and prizes, cooking carnival food, making decisions about pricing and jobs, learning the value of coins....and it was all so worth it!!! They worked so hard from beginning to end to create a carnival that the Compass community could participate in. Way to go, Oaks!

A special thank you goes to the folks who helped us out by working booths with the kids, and thank you for all the donations!
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Field trip to Battery Urban Farm Thursday 4/14

We will be visiting Battery Urban Farm on Thursday, April 14th. The farm is asking for a donation of $50. If you can, please send your child with $2 on the day of the field trip. Also, we are still seeking one more chaperone!

Mark Morris Observation Day

Monday, May 2nd, 8:15am

Open Space Room

This is the last movement class at school. Families are welcome to come observe the class on this day. Class is held in the Open Space room from 8:20-9:20AM.

More upcoming trips

Monday,May 9th: The final mark morris class will be held at their studio. The kids will get to learn from a MMDG dancer and also focus on one of Mark's dances, L’Allegro. We will walk there and walk back.

Tuesday, May 10th: Whitney Museum, details to come!

Tuesday, May 24th: Whitney Museum, details to come!


This week we started our new writing unit on opinion writing. Oaks brought in their collections from home and rather than "show & tell", they reviewed their collections and wrote about them. The Oaks became judges and decided which item was the best in their collection, and had to make an argument explaining why that item was the best. This work is an introduction to writing reviews. Soon the Oaks will be writing reviews about anything and everything: toys, restaurants, video games, etc.

At home: When your child feels strongly about something (I want pizza for dinner! This is the best toy in my room!) see if they can give you at least three reasons to explain why!

In Reading Workshop we continued to talk about understanding different kinds of genres. We learned that when readers read to learn about topics, we make predictions and also check these. After we read a bit, a page, or a section, we stop and ask ourselves, "Did my prediction match what I learned? Do I need to change my thinking or understanding to match what the book is teaching me?"

At home: Practice making predictions with your child before you read, and then asking the questions, "Did my prediction match what I learned? Do I need to change my thinking or understanding to match what the book is teaching me?"

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In math this week we started playing new challenging games focusing on addition and subtraction. In this new math unit the Oaks will be studying strategies for addition and subtraction through the lens of our neighborhood. We will be doing math around our school. In the next few weeks we will go for a walk around the neighborhood and brainstorm answers to questions such as, "Where is math used in the neighborhood? How could we use math to learn about our neighborhood?"

At home: Around the neighborhood, count what you see: cars, trees, sidewalk squares, steps, etc. Ask more/less questions such as, "Are there more cars or trees on this block? How do you know?"

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Contact Information

Feel free to email us anytime. Pascale can be reached at pascale@brooklyncompass.org and Lorna can be reached at lorna@brooklyncompass.org.