5th Grade News!

May 2 - 6

Miscellaneous Info

  • Please reinforce at home the importance of having all of necessary supplies ready to go at school. There is a good percentage of students that don't come to school with PENCILS. Our extra supply ran out before winter break, and we have kept "loaners" marked with tape available in the classrooms, and now that supply has also dwindled to stubby pencils without erasers. Thank you for your help with this!
  • Please let your child's teacher know if they will be going home with another student or going home another way (ex. carpool - walker)

Chaperones Needed for Strikz

Chaperone Interest Form

Chaperone responsibilities would include providing your own transportation, arriving early to help gather bowling shoes, monitoring students at a bowling lane, monitoring laser tag, and assisting at the pavilion.

Jump Rope for Heart

Don't forget to register for Jump Rope for Heart at heart.org/jump
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This week we will are working problem solving with graphs, a Personal Financial Literacy project, and working on Science Menus to help review for the Science STAAR test.

Problem Solving - Graphing (this is a review of graphing skills)

Personal Financial Literacy Project - Budget Simulation PowerPoint (See google Classroom)

Stations: Science Menu (Science "Time Machine" Week!)

Teacher Table: Conferencing on Budget Simulation and reviewing skills as needed.

Homework: Personal Financial Literacy Parent Questionnaire

*Does NOT need to be turned in


This week in writing we will finish our research unit. The students will be completing their infographic.

Homework: none!


No spelling this week!


This week we will be reviewing several concepts! We will also work on vocabulary and have a project menu to work on!

*I highly encourage looking over the released science STAAR questions

HOMEWORK: Study vocabulary, Answer questions on Google Classroom


This week in Reading we will continue to analyze text for the purpose of synthesizing. In order to synthesize, we use our background knowledge and text to form conclusions and predictions. We then change our conclusions and predictions as we read and gather new information. We love our new class book: The School of Fear! It is an awesome book, ask your child how they like it so far! There are several sequels to this book that your child might enjoy reading this summer!

This week in Reading we will also review strategies for determining the meaning of unknown words and review vocabulary.

Book Clubs: Book Clubs have been a huge success! I love hearing our students have authentic conversations about text. Remember, each student is responsible for taking care of their novel. These novels are brand new! If your child loses or damages a book club novel, there will be a $10 fee.

Homework: Homework will be to read the assigned book club chapter(s) for the week and respond. Responses will change from week to week. This week's response is free choice from the "Novel Study Choice Board" Make a Bingo! (passed out in class on Monday). Due Friday!

Science STAAR

Wednesday, May 11th, 8am

Norris Elementary School, Frisco, TX, United States

Frisco, TX

Field Day

Friday, May 20th, 9am

Norris Elementary School, Frisco, TX, United States

Frisco, TX


Tuesday, May 31st, 10am

8789 Lebanon Road

Frisco, TX

Overdue Books