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Singapore includes itself and 50 other islands. We are one of the most exciting countries in the world. We are also the most cleanest Country. Pack your beach bags and come because we have a lot of beaches. For the little ones we got pirates ARGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" We are the land of green" - Mother Nature

Geography and Climate in Singapore.

Most of the islands of Singapore lie near sea level. The highest point, Timah hills. Only 2 percent of Singapore is used for Farming. Singapore has a hot, humid climate. It is also is a tropical country. The average annual temperature is about 80 °F. But sea winds cool the country down.

People and Culture in Singapore

Cultural events include Chinese operas, Indian dancing, and Malay dramas. We also have a lot of tasty Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian foods here. The annual Singapore Arts Festival brings international dancers, musicians, and artists to Singapore. Many Cultural festivals are held in Singapore every year. Culture to Singapore is very important.

The people in Singapore are very strict about chewing gum and littering. That is why Singapore is one of the worlds most cleanest country. Singapore is one of the worlds most densly populated countries. Singapore has four official languages are Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil.

Singapore's ethnic groups create a variety of clothing styles within the country. Most people wear Western-style clothing, but many Indians and Malays prefer their traditional dress. On special occasions they where their traditional dress day and night. After the special occasion is over they go back to their original clothing.

Government and Citizenship

Singapore is a republic. A prime minister leads a Cabinet. Which completes tasks for the government. The Parliament has 84 elected members. Every citizen over 21 years of age must vote.

The people elect a president for a six-year term. The president serves as head of state of Singapore. He or she appoints the prime minister and the Cabinet members selected by the prime minister. The president also has some control over government finances and makes some civil service appointments.


The currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar. There are many types of currency in Singapore. Some of them are $50, $10, and $2.Singapore has the world's highest percentage of millionaires.

Before independence in 1965, Singapore was the capital of the British settlements. It was also the main British navy base in East Asia. Singapore is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer in the world. It has a very importent trading economy.

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