By: Aaron


The tiger has black, orange, and white stripes. Tigers have claws. Tigers have the largest canine teeth of any land-based carnivores.


Tigers are meat eaters (carnivores). Their prey includes small- to medium-sized mammals. The way tigers kill is to surprise the animal from behind and bite its neck; killing it. Tigers can eat as much as 40 pounds of meat in one sitting. They can go for days at a time without eating.
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Tigers live in Asia, primarily in forests (some tigers live in areas with tall grasses, areas where they can hide while hunting). Tigers are very good swimmers and like the water, unlike most cats.
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Cubs are dependent on the mother for about a year and a half. They can start hunting on their own at this age. All tigers look the same, but they are not.

Interesting Facts

If you look carefully you can see that no two tigers look the same. Tigers are related to common cats. Tigers are the tallest cats.
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