Sports Real World Situations!

By: Nicole Obialo (4th period)

Problem 1 :)

You are at a volleyball tournament and your mom gave you no more than 40 dollars, so your budget is $40 to spend on food and extra accessories. you have already spent 23 dollars on team breakfast and lunch. you recently saw a really cool headband you want to buy that is 17 dollars. Write an inequality and solve the inequality showing how much you can spend and if you can buy the headband.

40 ≥ x +23

(-23) ( -23)

17 ≥ x

Problem 2 :)

Your teammate on your soccer team has the most scoring goal record on your team. Your teammate scored 30 goals this season and 24 goals last season. You have scored 26 goals this year and X goals last season. Write an inequality to show how many goals you would have to score in order to beat your teammates combined goal scoring record for last season and this season .
30 + 24 < x + 26


54 < x + 26

-26 - 26

28 < X

Problem 3 :)

Sammi really wants to buy a new basketball net for her backyard that is at least 600 dollars depending on what brand she wants to buy them from. Sammi's parents give her 400 dollars and told her to come up with the rest. Sammi decided to save 25 dollars each week for the basketball net. Write and solve an inequality that will show how many weeks it will take Sammi to make the remaining of the money.
600 ≤ 400 + 25w

-400 -400

200≤ 25w


8 ≤ W

Problem 4 :)

Sally really wants to join Track Elite. Track Elite is 200 dollars upfront plus 50 each month. Her parents budget is at max 800 dollars. Will she be able to join the team? Write and solve an inequality showing how many months she can stay on the team.
200+ 50x ≤ 800

-200 -200

50x ≤600

50 50


Problem 5:)

Amanda has started donating money to her club soccer team. She donates 2 dollars plus 9 dollars for open gym. Her goal is to donate 25 dollars or more to her club.Write and solve an inequality showing how many weeks it will take her to reach her goal.
9+ 2x ≤ 25

-9 -9


2 2

x ≤ 8

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Problem 6:)

Chandler gets an allowance of 40 dollars each week. Chandler already makes 8 dollars a week from ref-ing a toddlers game. Chandler really wants to buy new soccer cleats that are 88. How many weeks will it take chandler to make more than 88 dollars. Write and solve an inequality.
8 + 40x ≥ 88

-8 -8


40 40

x ≥ 2

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