Digital Dossier of Kinjal Kamboj


A digital dossier is all the tracks of information you leave behind about yourself. Can be online or on paper. it is added on each time you grow older and do things. Even if you might not be noticing, you're making a mark for your dossier.Everyone has one.

My Digital Dossier from the past...

  • A picture of me from Ultrasound
  • My name tag when I was born
  • My birth certificate
  • My baby photos
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My Digital Dossier Now...

  • My social media accounts (twitter,gmail,qoutev)
  • My school record and pictures
  • My name in attendance
  • My report cards
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My Digital Dossier in the Future...

  • My high school application
  • My high school diploma
  • My University Application
  • My driving license
  • My Credit Card
  • My University Graduation certificate
  • My job application
  • My job info
  • My marriage certificate
  • My death certificate
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Youth and Media - Digital Dossier
There are so many things that make up my digital dossier and there must be more that i am not aware of too. Above is a link that explains all about Digital Dossier.