Gas Giant

Neptune is called the Gas Giant. Neptunes distance from the Sun is 4,497,070 miles. It is the 8th planet from the Sun. Neptune has eleven moons and it's largest moon is named Triton. One year on Neptune equals 60,190 Earth years. One day on Neptune equals 19 days hours and 17 minutes on Earth. Neptune is the smallest of the four gas giants in the solor system. If you weigh seventy pounds on Earth, on Neptune you would weigh 78 pounds.

Planet Research Information

Neptune got it's name from the Greek god Poseidon. Neptune is always freezing. It's size is 17 times bigger than Earth. Neptune is completely blue with a little bit of white. The atmosphere is all gas, water, and clouds. Becuase Neptune is so far away, it is difficult to see Neptune's moons. For many centries people never knew this planet existed. It was discovered by Johann Galle and Heinrich D'Arrest in 1846.

Neptune is a really cool planet!