The Summer Olympics of 1936

By Chris Wolshlager

Germany hosted, in Berlin, the 1936 summer Olympics also known as the Games of the XI Olympiad.
Hitler planned to use the games to promote the nazi party and anti-semitism ideas. The Nazi party newspaper wrote that Jews and Black people were not allowed to participate in the games. However, the games were threatened with boycott by other nations so the rule was revoked along with Signs that stated things such as "Jews not Wanted". The German ministry of the interior granted the German chief of police authority to arrest and gypsies and take them to a "special camp".
In an attempt to exceed Los Angles' 1932 summer Olympics, Germany built a 100,000 seat stadium with six gymnasiums, and several other arenas. They installed a closed circuit TV system, along with a radio system that went to 41 different countries, and more expensive high-tech equipment.

The Summer Olympics of 1936 included the events, athletics, basketball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, football(Soccer), gymnastics, handball, modern pentathlon, polo, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, water polo, weitlifting, and wrestling.