Over the Hump

by: Father Charlie

July 31, 2019

Never to late

A number of years ago a new couple joined the Church in Colorado, where I served. They had come out of the Hippy culture and became deeply involved in the Church and the Community. They moved to Henderson, Nevada, there they divorced, and Barbara still lives.

She, not too long ago, related a story which touched me very much. She told me the story of Roy, the most highly decorated special forces man in the state of Nevada. The down side of Roy was that his marriage ended, and later his ex-wife and daughter moved into the community of Jonestown, with James Jones. Roy was picked to ride the horse leading, the riderless horse in the Kennedy funeral march.

Later, when some from Washington were murdered on the airstrip at Jonestown, Roy was sent with some others to check it out. By the time he got there everyone had drank the koolaid, and were dead. The first two people Roy saw were his ex-wife and daughter in the kitchen.

When it was all over, he left, went home to Nevada and crawled into a bottle of scotch and remained there for a long time. Cross, depressed, angry, and in despair, until he met and got to know my friend Barbara and some of her friends. They took the time to get to know Roy, and reached out to him.

As time went by he began to trust them. As their relationship grew they encouraged him to attend a retreat at their Church. At that retreat, with the grace of God, Roy was able to connect with the God of his understanding and his life changed. From then on he used his skill to reach out and help any and all that he came into contact with.

Near the end of his days one might find him on the street handing out water in 100 degree heat in Henderson. His changed life was a great example of, “Its never too late".



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