Sing Down The Moon

Andres Broussard


This story is told from first person point of view from Bright Morning, who is a Navaho Indian. Her and her friend, Running Bird are taking care of their sheep. Afterwards, they notice that they are Spaniards that kidnap Bright Morning's kind. They end up getting captured and they don't know where to go. Now it's up to Bright Morning and her friend to try to escape.


Bright Morning- A Navaho Indian who has to be married. She razes the sheep for the family.
Running Bird- The same type of Indian as Bright Morning. They both take care of the sheep and are great friends.
Tall Boy- This man is the main character's crush. He is a warrior for his tribe and used to be known as "River Boy".
The Two Spaniards- These men are the captors of Bright Morning and Running Bird. They kidnap women and use them as slaves.
Nehana- This woman has also been kidnapped. She is the reason why Bright Morning and Running Bird are still alive.
Rosita- A twelve year old girl that is also kidnapped. She doesn't mind that she doesn't know where her family is at because she enjoys living with the Spaniards.
The Senora- She is the woman in charge of everything. The Spaniards work for her and buys dresses for Bright Morning.
Mando- One of Tall Boy's companions. He is also a warrior that helps Bright Morning and her friends escape.


There is two conflicts in the book. The first one is minor; it's how Bright Morning needs to find a spouse, technically she can't pick the person herself because her dad has to. This conflict is external. The other one is how she and her friend, Running Bird, are kidnapped by Spaniards and haven't seen both of their families in a long time. This conflict is external.

The Story's Plot

1. Right at the beginning we are introduced to Bright Morning and learned that her brother is struck by lighting and died.
2. We learn that women take care of sheep but figure out that Bright Morning had a chance but screwed up, and now she gets a second chance to take care of the sheep.
3. The Long Knives threatened to destroy the India Tribe of Bright Morning's.
4. Both her and Running Bird go raze the sheep, but they notice strange figures. They act lost but end up kidnapping the both of them, along with Bright Morning's black dog.
5. They tarvel for a long time and go to a lady's house.
6. Running Bird is taken away and Bright Moring doesn't know where she is. A lady named Nehana offers to help.
7. Nehana and Running Bird meet Bright Mornig at a Chruch and take horses to escape.
8. They hide out for a long time till the find Tall Boy, who had come to rescue the main character and also came wit a firend, Mando.
9. The Spaniards catch up to Tall Boy and the rest and shot him in the arm. They now travel slow because of his arm.
10. They made to their home and take Tall Boy to a medicine man and his arm is now useless. Bright Mornign and her mom visit him every week.
11. The next day Bright Morninghas a Womanhood Ceremony on the first day of Kin-nadl-dah and her friends and relatives visit her. At the end of the ceremony, Tall Boy mentions something disrespectful to Bright Morning by saying he didn't save her on purpose.
12. The tribe is now forced to leave Canyon De Chelly because of the Long Knives. They go travel somewhere else and don't light fires cause the other tribe will find them. Tall Boy stays but ends going with them cause his warriors didn't want him cause of his arm. He finds an iron lance that could help the tribe.
13. The tribe finds out that their homes were burned to the ground. They're crops are destroyed and they are waiting for the Navahos until they strave to death. In the process of trying to live, a few people die.
14. Tall Boy tries to kill the leader of the Long Knives but fails. Now all the Navahos are being taken to Fort Summer, which is very far. Long Knives get a whole lot more Navahos from different lands and ends up being around 1000. Bright Morning's grandma dies but she wanted to.
15. Bright Morning marries Tall Boy even though a lot is going on. She is now pregnant but wants to escape because she dosen't want her son to be born where they are slaves with the Long Knives. She and Tall Boy escape and she gives birth to the baby.
16. The camp a t Erk River Valley and decide to go on the far side of the mesa on the meadow. They live there with their son and no one else.


"You will be happy here." (O'Dell, 34)

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