The Bucket List

written by: Logan Carbo

The Biggest Rope Swing Ever

In Moah Utah, You can be part of the biggest rope swing in the world. This has been formed by weathering of rocks making a gigantic arch, allowing people to swing like they never would otherwise.
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Huge Cliff Diving

On the Big Island of Hawaii, you can jump off of the seashore cliffs for fun. Weathering has played a key role in this, for it had made the cliffs as they are today.
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The cave of Crystals (Crystal Cave)

This cave has some of the biggest crystals in the world, easily towering over any person.Weathering has played its role once again in which it has carved out the entire cave. Erosion and deposition have made all of the crystals and other formations that may be found there.
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Swimming in the Dead Sea

This can be one fun thing to do, even though it can be a tiny bit dangerous. It is actually impossible to sink in the dead sea Deposition has taken its place here for depositing all of the salt into the sea. This can be found near Jordan/Palestine/Israel.
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Bouncy Soccer(Knockerball)

Knockerball is a very fun sport to watch/play for fun. Weathering has played only a minor role, in which it has made the land flat for people to make the indoor fields on. You can actually play this in Austin Texas.
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