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MoVsha is Your International Speaker Bureau Provider

Up to now bosses had relied on their connections to personally request their friends to give a FREE talk to their own team or annual conference. Although the requested speaker had to prepare his/her talk and Powerpoint slides, often they are obligated due to past goodwill.

The speakers only receive a company pen, a bouquet of flowers, and probably a free meal with the host. But the host has taken for granted that the speaker had to take much time to prepare the talk, slides and may even have to take no pay leave. The speakers are too embarrassed to ask for a proper speaking fee, and the host is obligated to offer the same speaking exchange but most times they are too busy for preparation of the exchange talk.

MoVsha has solved this need as a Bridge and Conference Speaker provider.

Now you can choose which Keynote Speaker of various price ranges - from Ex-Presidents to astronauts and high profile CEOs. Often our clients request a specific speaker on their behalf whom they know but too embarrassed to ask.

8 Types of Conference Speakers

[1] Subject Matter Expert (SME), Certified Trainer
[2] Emcee, Event Host, Usher, Red Carpet Anchor, News Anchor

[3] Inspirational Handicapped, Disabled, Victim who has overcome one's limitations or disaster

[4] CEO (high profile), HOD-VP, Ex-President or Ex-PM of a country, Politician, NGO Head

[5] Famous or retired Sportsperson, Industry Leader, Authority

[6] Celebrity (Actor, Singer, Dancer - who can do public speaking)

[7] Stand-up Comedian, Entertainer, Magican (who can do public speaking)

[8] Famous Author, World's Authority, Researcher, Professor, Activist

The price range is very wide as A-Listers command the highest fees while one can get more added-value from a Ex or B-Lister who has passed one's peak of fame.

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MoVsha and ChangeU Clients

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MoVsha International: No.1 International Conference Speaker Bureau for Fortune 500 Corporations

MoVsha International is the #1 largest Speaker Provider of The Top 100+ Keynote Speakers and Subject Matter Experts in their industries.

The regional HQ is in Hong Kong. MoVsha is the Conference Division of ChangeU which offers learning, consulting, executive search, and movers & shakers key speakers.

MoVsha and ChangeU its parent organization have initiated successful transformation in Fortune 500 corporations and top brands like Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Jockey Club, HK Airport Services, Berjaya, Nestle, Samsung and Naza.

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