thing about turkey

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things about turkey

things about turkey-

um turkey has a limited goverment and its kind of a poor country because a limited goverment is kinda bad.

turkeys rain fall a yearly is rainy beacause its wanna of thoze countrys that have cold weather.

compared to turkeys clothing and building to the united states i will say that turkey has a bad country theres not enough room and there is alot of trees and the united states has allot of buildings just like dallas and the united states have allot of room like alot.

and there clothing compared to the united states is bad beacause they were mostly jackets and a hoddie and mostly gloves and the united states weres shorts pants long sleve and jackets.

they have a bad goverment beacause a limited goverment say like there goverment doest obey the laws they dont have to go to jail and we have a unlimited goverment thats good because if the president doesnt obey the laws he has to go to jail and we can vote.