personal budget project

brooke buford


for my education, I did go to college, I got my bachelors degree at UNT, at UNT it cost me $17,064 then after UNT I went to Texas A&M and got my masters degree, which was $22,470 and got my medical license and then got my job as a Veterinarian.


I work at Hanks Animal Hospital, I work full time hours, so i get about $50,000-$110,00. where I work I need 3+ years of emergency/critical animal care, and a veterinarian DVM. yearly I get paid $84,460, gross income is $7,038, net monthly income is $5,278, and my income taxes are $21,115. math will be used in my career by calculating the right of medicine i need for a sick animal, measuring the heart rate, height, weight of an animal, paying bills/taxes etc.


For my car, it is a 2014 GT mustang, it cost $22,885, my monthly payments are $381.41, my car insurance company is Geico insurance, monthly cost is $210 and my average cost for gas per month is $200. every month is spend a total of $801.

house expenses

my house cost $135,000 my mortgage is $701. my electricity company is Tri County, per kilowatt cost me 11 cents and my average monthly cost $132. my internet company is Time Warner Cable, it is a bundle of cable so it cost each month $49. my insurance covers theft, natural disaster, flood, and fire and my total spent each month is $1,182

living expenses

my monthly cost for groceries per month is $189. my phone company is AT&T and my plan is DataConnect for 4G LTE. for my budget on clothing is $100. my entertainment cost $1,089 which involves going out to eat, movies, vacation, hunting trips, and bowling.
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