Notes from the Library

January 1, 2014

Library Lessons...

First grade students are using primary sources to explore the past in connection to their previous communities unit. They will ask questions and compare the past to today.

Second grade will be exploring sources of information in preparation for their weather research projects. There are so many places to get information. Where should we look first? How do we know if a source is right for us?
Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

Fiction Section Organized by Genre

Our Fiction Collection is now organized by Genre. Shelves are mostly color coded and labeling will improve throughout the week.

Each section begins with a new bank of shelves and is organized traditionally in alphabetical order by authors' last names. Each section will be labeled and is color-coded.

Sections include (in order): Historical Fiction, Humor, Sports Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Scary (Horror & Paranormal), Animal Fiction, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Changes to the Catalog should reflect the current location of the book. Records are being edited as books that were checked out during the change are returned for circulation. Don't forget you can access the Library Catalog from any computer through the Novell Box or the library website on our homepage.