The Industrial Revolution

David Delagarza

Leaving home for a job

The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing people who traveled leaving their home looking for jobs. The populations of cities grew rapidly. Very large numbers of human lives began regulated by the clocks.

Inventors and their Inventions

Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone a device that allows you to communicate with people from far away this made communication much easier. Henry Fords invented a mass produced car. Most of the cars he invented were cheap so that many people could own one the cars made transportation so much easier. Tomas Edison invented the light bulb that creates light using electricity no use for the candles all day long

Assembly Line

The assembly line was used in factories to make cars, airplane, steam engines anything they wanted. The assembly line had one person doing one part of the object. The assembly would go faster and faster when the workers would do a good job.

Child Labor

Child labor was big back then. the kids were in bad condition so they could loose their parts. the kids worked a lot that they barely got any sleep because of all the hours.