Ancient China

China's farming methods,farming products, Trade, and Writing

Farming methods and products

In China farmers mainly grew wheat and millet. Some farmers grew beans, gourds, snow peas, strawberries, dates, and melons. They tilled the soil with wooden plows and stone hoes. They harvested grain with stone knives and scythes. To separate grain they used a tool called a flail. Eventually iron plows, hold boards, and better irrigation were developed.

Methods of Trade

Trade took place mostly in China. Traders used the country's rivers to ship goods on barges and ships. The grand canal is a series of waterways that connects the major cities. They especially traded farm products. Construction of the grand canal began in the Sui dynasty. It was improved and expanded in the Tang dynasty. The grand canal allows the Chinese to move goods and crops from agricultural areas to cities. Trade on the silk road began when the Romans tried to find the traders who traded silk. The traders hid from the Romans and the Romans sent out parties on the silk road. The silk road had white-hot sand dunes, mountains, strong winds, and poisonous snakes. Traders worked in relays. Each trader went a certain distance, traded, and hopefully came back. Over the centuries cities developed along the silk road. Travel became easier, but not easy.

Written Communication

Writing in China came from earlier non linguistic symbol systems. During the latter half of the 3rd millennium B.C.E. many symbols began to appear on pottery and jades. The symbols showed who owned the item. The Song dynasty invented the first writing system.

Current population: 1,343,239,923 Literacy rate: 92.2% literate