Thursday's Thoughts

February 11, 2016

Hang tight- It's the Friday before Valentine's Day! We hope a duty free lunch will help you keep your sanity today. :-)

Staff Custom # 6: Foster teacher-student-parent relationships


"Classroom walls should show a progression of teaching and learning." -Marzano

Take a look around your classroom. Do your walls teach? When teaching those amazing mini-lessons, create anchor charts with your students so that they can refer back them when working independently.


Please make sure the schedule posted outside of your door is up-to-date. Thank you!

Profile of a Graduate

I am going to place a color copy of The Profile of a Graduate in your boxes. Please display this in your classrooms to remind students that we are working towards graduation.

Important Activity

We are working to get our student mentor program up and running. In order to make sure we have covered the students that need it the most, please complete the following activity with your homeroom students before next Friday, February 19th:

* Give each student a card. Ask your students the following question: If I was going to move your seat in class tomorrow and you could sit beside any three people that you wanted to sit beside, who would those three people be? Ask them to write down the three names. Take the cards up. Look at your cards and determine what kids in your class did not have their name written down at all. I will place a roster in your box. Please place a tally beside the kids names indicating the number of times their name was written down. Place this roster on my desk before the 19th. This activity will be very telling. Please do not forget to do this with your class.

Color printer

Please send documents to the printer to be printed in color that you really need. We had a large stack sent to the color printer that was never picked up. Money that we can save on printing can be used for books and other materials. Thank you for helping us to keep this bill down as much as possible.

Colt Custom #10: Do the right thing even when no one is looking.