Hurricane Heat

By: Jaiden Churchman and Justin Towrey

Introducing hurricanes!

Have you ever wondered about hurricanes and the heat of them? Well I'm sure you know if your working on the same project, but Jaiden and Justin are going to tell you anyways!

Is there evidence of the sea surface temperature map

Yes,on the graph on September 5th through the 15th it's around 29.8 and a 28.9 but getting closer to October its temperature starts to decrease,on the25th it's all the way down its around 25.8 after that.On September 30th the temperature starts to increase just a little bit to a 27.7.


Hurricanes? Hurricanes

Explain the effect on the temperature after a hurricane

The temperature was originally high and then dropped low and took a while to get half way up and then it dropped down again.


There were a total of 28 hurricanes in the year 2005 in the Atlantic area

Where hurricanes occur

Hurricanes oocurr around the equator,because of the warm waters the warm waters is like the fuel for the hurricane and that's why it occurres around the equator.

How do they develop

Hurricanes develope with warm waters the temputure has to be 80 degrees and that causes evaporation after that winds would come together then the winds would flow outward!the humid air would happen after that it helps form the the storm.

How are hurricanes categorized

Hurricanes are catergzed in 5 levels. Depending on their wind speed. The level doesn't decide how deadly it is. It could be a level 1 and deadly or a level 5 and harmless or a level 5 and deadly. It is all in the wind speed

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