For the Amendments 1, 4, 18 congress was involved in creating the amendment, and helped passed those amendments too.


With amendments 1 and 4 were written to guarantee our basic rights as a citizens. Those were written because Great Britain did not respect our freedom of speech or out privacy in our homes. 18th was written to ban all sales and consumption of alcohol during the 1920's.


Both of 1st and 4th were passed September 25, 1789 and was ratified December 15, 1791. The date that the 18th was proposed was August 1, 1917 the was passed January 16, 1919


One and Four were both passed in Virginia. And 18th was passed in out nations capital Washington DC.


Since the 1st and 4th amendments are part of the Bill or Rights, they were proposed because of the history the people had with Great Britain reign. The British canceled their town meetings and searched their homes with out warning. 18th was passed because it was suppose to reduce the crime and other social problems.


All of these amendments are passed the same way. 3/4's of the states must need need to approve.


Theses three amendments are all structured the same way. Foundations, Framework, & Specifications.


With the first amendment, it changed Americans Culture by giving us the right to choose our own religion. Having the freedom of speech, Right of free press, Right to Assembly, and finally the right to Petition. With the Fourth, it gave us more privacy to our homes and if the Government needs to search our home they need a reason and a warrant. 18th changed America by our gangsters became in control of most of the Country. Crime shot up and our economy was affected by the drop of the money alcohol gave to this country.


With amendments one and four it did solve the problems it was address for because gave everyone rights that they did not have before. The 18th failed horribly. Crime spiked higher because the Gangsters were in charge and the gangsters were going after other Mobs and killing people in their way.


Al Capone was notorious with the sells of alcohol. Hawke v. Smith
Entick v. Carringtion & Wilkes v. Wood


I would have kept the first amendment the same because all the five rights you have a right to you need. Keeping the 4th the same because everyone has the right to privacy and if the government breaks that right then its unfair. The 18th amendment should not have been kept because the legalization of manufacturing alcohol had no impact on the amount of organized crime.