Unit 1: Goals and Values

By: Angelia Lozano

Canada (developed) vs. Mali (underdeveloped)

#1: The achievement of one of the economic goals impact the success of other economic goals positively. If one goal is achieved, then it is more likely for other goals to be achieved. The better an economy, the better the country.

Economic Goals in Canada vs. Mali


-Political stability: useful for long term investment

-Reduced public debt: they want to reduce debt to help the future generations

-Full employment: an unemployed labor force also represents a waste of human potential and can cause serious hardship for unemployed workers and their families - more technology is bad for trying to reach full employment

-Equitable Distribution of Income: dividing the total national income

-Economic Freedom: includes freedom of choice available to workers and consumers in the economy


-Poverty & unemployment reduction: wants to reduce the amount of poverty and wants to see more people with jobs

-Improve life of urban communities: wants to improve the community; housing, resources, etc.

-Boost local economies: a better economy leads to a better country

-Strengthen local civic rights: rights are important and Mali believes that it would benefit them

-Mali has made progress towards the Mollennium Development Goals of universal primary education, combating HIV/AIDS and access to safe drinking water.




Maps of Canada and Mali