Falcon Flash

March 12, 2021

Principal's Message

Hello Stetson Families,

The Spring weather has sprung! I hope you were able to get outside to enjoy some sunshine.

Dr. Scanlon reached out to our WCASD families on Friday, March 8th to update our return to in-person instruction timeline. Students choosing to return to school for 5 days will start on March 29th and 30th. Our last remote day of the year will be on Wednesday, March 31st. Our spring break will take place this year from April 1st - 5th.

We are eagerly waiting for our students to return back to 5 days of instruction on March 29th. We know that this could be the first time back for many of our students. We will be communicating in the upcoming weeks to both parents and students with information about our newest reopening phase. Many things have stayed the same but there have been many updates to our safety plan. We are asking all families to read our return to instruction communication. Thank you for your help in keeping our building open and safe for our students.

Your support and encouragement have been more important than ever to help our students reach their maximum potential academically, socially, and emotionally. KEEP IT UP! If you should have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or a grade level guidance counselor to discuss them in more detail.

Hybrid Block schedule

March and April Calendar - Rotational Day

Thanks for your time and attention in reading this week's edition!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Puchalla

Hybrid Calendar next week (Including Cyber students)

March 15th--Day 2 PM (periods 5-8) *A Cohort in person

March 16th--Day 3 AM (periods 1-4) *A Cohort in person

March 17th--Day 3 PM (periods 5-8) *REMOTE DAY (all students at home)

March 18th--Day 4 AM (periods 1-4) *B Cohort in person

March 19th--Day 4 PM (periods 5-8) *B Cohort in person

*ALL MDS Students attend 5 days*

Technology concerns--As technical issues arise during remote learning, please use the following resources:

Tech Support @ Home – WCASD website with important information:

  • Schoology Support
  • Laptop Support
  • Additional Resources

If there is an issue with your 1:1 device please email SMStech_support@wcasd.net

Nurse's Corner

If you should have any questions regarding COVID-19, please feel free to email me at mczerpak@wcasd.net.

*Please see the new CIVM flyer attached

Intramural information--6th Graders

Our 6th grade basketball and fitness intramurals have started this past week. The smiles on the students' faces (hidden behind a mask) are wonderful to see. We hope our students enjoy this extracurricular opportunity to meet and socialize with other students in their grade.

These programs will run from 3:00 - 4:15 pm. Click on the links below to sign up. Contact Mr. Corcoran at wcorcoran@wcasd.net with any additional questions.

*Note--there will be more intramural opportunities coming soon, please stay tuned to morning announcements every day!

Spring Sports Information--7th and 8th grade

Spring sports will begin on or about March 18th. Each team's coaches will be providing information in the next few weeks. The spring sports offered at Stestson are baseball, softball, co-ed track, girls lacrosse, and boys lacrosse.

Baseball Information--7th Grade

7th Grade baseball tryouts will begin after school on Tuesday 3/16 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. You must have a completed PIAA physical loaded up to FamilyID, a completed Impact concussion test, and a completed pink card. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Logan at alogan@wcasd.net.

Boys and Girls Track Team--7th & 8th Grade

Track practice will begin on Thursday, March 18th (weather permitting) and run from 3-4:45 PM. Students must have a PIAA physical uploaded to FamilyID and a completed pink emergency card. Students should also review the informational Google Slide and join the Stetson Track and Field Schoology Group (access code: 36BVY-BG49T). If you have any questions, reach out to Coach White (awhite@wcasd.net) or Coach Specht (cspecht@wcasd.net)!

Boys Lacrosse--7th & 8th grade

Boys Lacrosse practice will begin on Thursday, March 18th weather permitting. Please be sure to upload your physical to Family ID and to complete your pink card before the first practice. Be prepared to practice outside or inside. If you have any questions, please email Mr. Graham at jgraham@wcasd.net

Girls Lacrosse--7th & 8th Grade

Just a friendly reminder that any girls interesting in trying out for girls lacrosse should stop by Ms. Whiteside’s (Room A103) to get a pink form. Please be sure to upload your physical to Family ID and turn in the pink form as well as the code of conduct to Ms. Whiteside or Mrs. Enns (Room A106) before the day of tryouts.

Try outs will start Thursday, March 18th. If you have any questions please email Ms. Whiteside at mwhiteside@wcasd.net or Mrs. Enns at kenns@wcasd.net

We look forward to meeting everyone!

Girls Softball--7th and 8th Grade

Here is the Schoology access code to Stetson Middle School Softball 2021:7BZF-PW7G-TZFJK

Tryout dates:

Thursday, March 18th: 7th and 8th-grade pitchers and catchers try-outs only. 3 pm to 4 pm

Friday, March 19th: 7th and 8th-grade pitcher and catchers try-outs only. 3 pm to 4 pm
Monday, March 22nd: 8th-grade try-outs. 3 pm to 5pm

Tuesday, March 23rd: 8th-grade try-outs. 3 pm to 5 pm

Wednesday, March 24th: 7th-grade try-outs. 3 pm to 5 pm

Thursday, March 25th: 7th-grade try-outs. 3 pm to 5 pm

Friday, March 26th: Try-out rain date, if necessary TBD

Full practices begin Monday, March 29th From 3 pm to 5 pm

What is needed: Aside from gloves, rubber cleats/or sneakers, All girls trying out for the softball team must have a completed PIAA physical uploaded to Family ID before the first try-out.

Eligibility Information for extra curricular school sponsored activities

We are very excited about resuming our spring sports program next week. Now that we have begun, we must also implement the district’s extracurricular eligibility policy. See the policy by clicking the link here http://go.boarddocs.com/pa/wche/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=9Z3GMN447E5E Students who are failing 2 or more core subjects or 1 core subject and 2 or more Unified Arts classes, will be considered ineligible to participate in sports or activities the FOLLOWING week. You will receive notice of this via email.

Yearbook Information

Great news! The 2020-21 Yearbook is NOW on sale!

Go to www.jostensyearbooks.com to place your order.

Books will be on sale until March 15th, so don’t put it off! Place your order TODAY!

Picture Information--All students

If your child was photographed at school in December or January, we still have proofs and some ordered portraits in our office that need to be picked up. Please call the office if you have any questions at 484-266 2704. Our office hours are 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.

*Note--Our February pictures have not been returned from Lifetouch yet. We will let you know when we have them in the building.

Counselor Tip--For all Students

Kobe Bryant’s 10 Rules:

  1. Get Better Every Single Day
  2. Prove Them Wrong
  3. Work On Your Weaknesses
  4. Execute What You Practiced
  5. Learn From Greatness
  6. Learn from Wins & Losses
  7. Practice Mindfulness
  8. Be Ambitious
  9. Believe In Your Team
  10. Learn Storytelling

101 Positive Things to Say to Myself

Reminder for our Car line pick up

We are exhibiting a large volume of cars at pick-up and drop-off times. We are asking our parents to be patient with our pick-up process in the afternoon. Upon entering our complex, please proceed to Starkweather Elementary School and turn around toward our parking lot. This helps our line expand onto our property rather than blocking the entrance for our busses trying to enter coming from 202. The vehicles must pull all the way around the bend to help the flow of traffic. Students are not permitted to walk through our parking lots, please do not park and expect your child to cross through moving traffic to get to the car. Thank you for cooperating with our traffic procedures. We enjoy seeing your smiles, waves, and family dogs!

STEM Opportunity for Students