Unit 4 performance task

Informative/explanatory writing piece planning sheet


Perseverance is defined as the ability to overcome adversity to achieve your goal. There are many well-known people who have persevered through many difficult adversities. One person who has persevered through many difficult adversities is Michael Jordan. Jordan persevered through the adversity of not making the high school team

Jackie the Great (Cause and Effect)

Before Jackie Robinson, the world was a different place. Blacks had to sit at the back of the bus, “No Negroes allowed” ect. When Robinson stepped in-between those white lines the whole world changed. There had been a black player in major league baseball. Not only did it affect the Dodgers, and all the other major league baseball teams, it affected all the other sports and leagues, the world, future for blacks, and most importantly it encouraged other black people to play baseball and to fight for what they feel is right. If Jackie Robinson didn’t break the color barrier it could have been another 10-15 years until there would be a black player in any sport such as baseball, basketball, and many other sports.

Jackie broke the baseball color barrier on April 15, 1947. Jackie went 0-4 but he was still fighting for what he believed was right. Jackie that season would leave the team in hit by pitches, walks, bean balls etc. and many other categories you don’t want to lead in.

Jackie by breaking the color barrier in baseball helped pave the way for future black athletes, and black people. In 1949 the negro league disbanded because all the great talent from the negro leagues was shipped off into the MLB, MILB (Minor league baseball). In 1950 Earl Lloyd broke the color barrier in basketball. Robinson took a lot of the heat for being black in a pro sport, because of this it made it easier for the greats like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Hank Aaron and many others because they didn’t have to worry about the segregation as much as Jackie Robinson did.

Jackie Robinson inspired many blacks to play other sports. Without Jackie Robinson blacks might have been scared to play because they didn’t want to get hurt physically or mentally from all the abuse they might take in their playing career.

Winston Churchill compared to Dwight Eisenhower (Compare and Contrast)

Winston Churchill is an activist and a major historical figure. Another Major Historical figure that helped stop WWII was Dwight Eisenhower. Winston Churchill gave many inspiring speeches to his army to keep fighting against the evil Nazis. On the other hand Dwight Eisenhower was also very important in WWII because he had incredible diplomatic skills. Those diplomatic skills helped when he was trying to keep his allies working together. Those are how they were different but they did have many things in common though. One of the things they had in common were that they both liked to work with each other. Another thing that they had in common were that they both had a big role in the way the military ran. This is why they were both famous in WWII.

Kid President (Description)

Robby Novak is best known as a youtube sensation for his creation of Kid President. He is an inspiration and a very unfortunate kid. He has a life-long chronic condition called Osteogenesis. Osteogenesis is a very rare disease that affects the amount of collagen which is needed to build strong bones. So in other words his bones will break very easy.

One example Robby has had to endured is that he has broke more than 70 bones in his body and he is only 9 years old. Another example of what Robby has had to endure because of Osteogenesis is that his sister has Osteogenesis, combined they have broken 150 bones. Recently, Robby and Lexi (his sister) got in a bike collision that on normal kids would have given them a scrape or two on their legs but Robby and Lexi both broke some of their bones in their legs, and Lexi had to get surgery on her legs. Although she got surgery she was out of the hospital less than 24 hours later, singing and dancing to Adele.

Despite these adversities, he remains active and a normal kid. Robby with all the bone problems he has with his disease he still every week makes time to do his few minute clips of Kid President. He is always seen with a smile on his face according to his doctor Jill Simmons.

Perseverance conclusion

We can learn many things from others persevering. One thing we can learn is to never give up even when there are big adversities ahead of us. Another thing we can learn from others perseverance is to be strong physically and mentally even during the tough times.