Where I Stand

By Peter Mangiafridda

Recreational Programs

I believe that recreational programs such as sports programs should consider putting more money into their activities so that people involved in these programs can benefit from getting better at what they do. In doing this, sports would be taken more seriously and people can excel at their sports since they would be getting their moneys worth by receiving effective, and valuable training. Since people are more conscious of their health, this could be beneficial to our health care funding. I believe that the municipal government should look at this area and consider it as one of the issues of the town of Markham, because not only would citizens of Markham be getting their daily active exercise each day, but they could also build relationships with other people that they meet in their recreational activities. In doing this, citizens can profit from both, building a bond with their peers, and being fit.

Parking Control

I think that this is another issue in the town of Markham that we should be aware about and concerned. The problem with this is the militant attitude of issuing parking tickets. There should be some leaniancy for certain situations that arise. The parking enforcement tends to enforce without regard. Examples include giving out tickets from 2:30- 5:30 am for parking on the road when there is no other space to park your vehicle. This is a major issue that should be looked at, and altered so that residents can park on the road for an extended time for special occasions. This way, people can leave their personal vehicle on the road for a longer period of time without as many complaints.
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Library Services

Lastly, I come to conclude that library service is the final issue that concerns me in the town of Markham. Residents are less likely to attend libraries now then they did in the past. My reasoning for this is because people can now get the information that they need quicker and more effectively with the use of technology. Through the internet, people can access any website that is in their description of what they are looking for with the touch of a button. I say that it is more valuable since they can look up research in a flash by just scrolling up or down with the page that they are on. This is way easier than flipping through multiple pages over and over again until you find what you are looking for. Also said, sometimes information on the internet is not always grammatically correct even though it is faster to find, but with a little bit of effort, you can find what you need on another page.
Purdue Libraries - "Purdue Database vs. Google"