Penny Bowles

Kay Granger Elementary Principal Candidate

Who Am I?

I am just a person...

My Path to the Principalship

As a classroom teacher, I learned...

  • Taking care of a students’ heart is the key to opening their minds to learning
  • One lesson does not reach all students- I had to change the way I taught
  • Every student can learn- it just takes more time for some than others
  • Teaching is hard! It takes teamwork and collaboration to become a master teacher and a fully functional team.

As an Assistant Principal, I have learned...


  • Relationships

  • Listen


  • Support
  • Relationships
  • Build capacity

  • Protect their time

  • Listen


  • Children’s best interest is top priority for the school
  • Relationships
  • Listen


  • Student achievement
  • See the campus as a whole;
  • Understand how decisions that are made have a ripple effect;
  • Listen
  • Open-minded

  • Focused

  • Relationships

Most Important Leadership Qualities

  • Humble
  • Self-Aware
  • Empathetic
  • Building a positive climate/having fun
  • High expectations for Student Success
  • Building Capacity in others

How I Use Theses Qualities