Buc's Bulletin

Our Weekly Class Newsletter November 30- December 4

A Note from Mrs. Buc

We jumped right back in to our routines after a well needed Thanksgiving Break with a very fun Spirit Week. All the children looked adorable. We also intensely practiced for our Kabbalat HaSiddur. Please remember to send in your child's Siddur along with their inscription plate in on Monday. If it is a surprise, please wrap it up in a bag. I will stick down the inscription plate for you. We had a successful first Student of the Week, Peyton Frank! Peyton loves card games and dogs! We learned a cool new card game called Pass and got a packet of different dogs to color. Have a wonderful weekend!

Shabbat Shalom!

Mrs. Buc

Important Dates

12/7- turn in your child's siddur wrapped in a bag if it's a surprise for your child. We will put a plastic cover on it once it is turned in

12/8- 2nd grade Hanukkah party, 1:45-3 (parents invited)

12/11- Kabbalat HaSiddur @ 8- 10:30 AM-Ceremony will take place in the downstairs Science Room on the first floor (on the way to the cafeteria)

12/18- Noon Dismissal and beginning of Winter Break

1/4- School Resumes from winter break

2/5- Leading Kabbalat Shabbat

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

Our new spelling rule this week was oi/ oy. In grammar, we continued to learn about pronouns. The good copies of our past lives have begun! We are taking our time and looking closely at our edits to make sure the words flow and have voice. We have a few more letters to practice forming in our handwriting books before we can even think about moving onto cursive.


We spent most of the week practicing adding with and without regrouping to the 100's place. We also explored some problem solving.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

Our introduction of the holiday of Chanukah started with reading the historical story in Hebrew, few pages each day.

We sang Chanukah songs and learned holiday vocabulary like:

חֲנֻכָּה- dedication

נֵרוֹת- candles

סְבִיבוֹן- spinning top

חֹשֶׁךְ- darkness

אוֹר- light

דְּמֵי-חֲנֻכָּה - gelt

כַּד שֶׁמֶן- jag of oil

נִסִּים- miracles

In our ARIOT KOTEV book, we worked on the cursive letters ק, ח (kof and chet).

Shabbat shalom, שבת שלום

Galia Sabbag

Social Studies

We read about Benjamin Banneker, who played a key role in the birth of Washington D.C. We learned that he did not go to school, so he taught himself math and science. We explored the Compass Rose, both cardinal and intermediate directions, by playing 8 Corners as well as the Compass Rose Game. Ask us about them.

snapshots of our week