Weekly Log

By: Sarah Davis

Friday, December 7th

Today Katie presented her barriers to learn power point. I never knew what a latch -key kid was until i saw her presentation. It was very well thought out and it made me think twice about things. Taylor started presenting her barriers to learning presentation, hers was on suicide and depression. It was kind of sad, but made me think about if someone could have helped Austin before he killed himself.

Monday, December 10th

Today Taylor finished up her presentation, which I thought was really interesting. After Taylor finished we talked about the different types of play, and how the kids play. We learned that there are four different types of social play, and four different types of play according to Piaget. We also went over the handout that we were given the day that Mrs. Barber was out last week.

Tuesday, December 11th

Today we went to Millbrook to observe the children. I was almost late because I woke up late, which made me kind of angry. When we got there, we split up into different groups to observe the different ages. My partner was Kaylee, and we went to the two year old, older twos and threes, three year old and the four and five year old. After learning things about the different age groups, i could clearly see the different ways the children acted according to their age.

Wednesday, December 12th

Today we went back to Millbrook, but i wasn't late this time! We got split up into the same groups we had before. This time we observed the babies to walking, the one year olds, and the three year old. The babies to walking children played blocks with us and played with the ball. The one year olds were more playful, the little girl took my pen and tried to color on my paper. When we were in the one year old room, i got to feed the little girl, but she kept dancing every time the toy played a song. While we were in the three year old room, i tried to teach the kids how to spell their names on the little magnetic board, they really liked into. Some of them liked it a little too much, and had a fit when he couldn't play with me because there was already two little girls playing with me.

Thursday, December 13th

Today we were back in the classroom. Mrs. Barber had set up four different stations, with a variety of toys. We were split up in groups of four, and had to go play with the different toys in each station for ten minutes. I was in a group with Amber, and in the first station we really didn't interact at all. The second station, she went grocery shopping and i was the cashier. Amber arrested me for dropping the crackers, cheese, and breaking her eggs. The third station Amber played with the play-dough and i made a castle out of blocks. Last, we played Candy Land, and yes, I won. I had fun playing with all the different toys, it made me feel like a kid again, until Mrs. Barber said we had to write a reflection on our experience...then it was back to the real world.