MIS Monday Message

December 7 - 11

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Fixer Upper

How many of you watch the show Fixer Upper? I know I'm a huge fan and it's always so neat to see how they can take a house that looks so hopeless and turn it into a beautiful home. I'm a sucker for a story like that and I bet some of you are, too. (Plus I love the decorating ideas!) So what does watching Fixer Upper have to do with us?

Some of our students are "fixer uppers."

I'm constantly reflecting on our students and what we do for them here at school. This is the time of year when everyone is generous and we look for those in need to help out. However, we're usually only looking at the outside when we determine who is in need. What about what's on the inside? Some of our kids come from homes and families where they are loved and cherished, and some of our kids come from homes where they are barely noticed. I love how you take an interest in all of your students and seek out those who need something extra.

This week we had to say goodbye to one of our students who moved to another town because his stepmom had a stroke and could no longer care for him. He's been quite the challenge since the first day he arrived, but he has a way of getting into your heart. I was in a meeting at Central Office when I got the Vox saying he was here to say goodbye and hurried back so I could be sure to see him. In the past several years, teachers here have fed and clothed him on a regular basis while still having high expectations for his learning and encouraging him to never give up. We have pleaded his case with caseworkers, judges, DHS, and anyone else who will listen because this child has such potential. It warms my heart to see how much you care for this student and many others just like him.

As you go into this week, look for those kids who, like this one, might be a "Fixer Upper." Don't be deceived by their outside appearance. Sometimes those who need the most don't show it on the outside. I was reading a blog this week and the quote "Maslow before Bloom" struck me deeply. We have to attend to those basic needs before the academic ones. I'm blessed to work with a staff that understands this on such a deep level.

Keep loving your kids and teaching them. It matters, and you're doing a wonderful job. For a little inspiration, I've included a pic on how to "flip a kid." For more information, check out the link below. I challenge you to try some of these ideas this week with a student you may not have tried them on before.

Let's have a great week at MIS!

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Tacky Christmas Sweater Day

We will once again be dressing up in our Tacky Christmas sweaters on Friday, December 18th. There will be a contest for staff and students that day to see who can dress the tackiest! Start working on your outfit now - there will be prizes for the winners!
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Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is coming to the Monticello School District! This Tuesday, December 8th, from 8:00 - 9:00 am ALL students in our district will be involved in coding activities.

Please make sure you have a plan and are ready to go at 8:00 that morning. I have invited Melissa Cason to come by and take some pictures, so please let her into your room if she comes. Our students have all been introduced to coding in Keyboarding by Nikki and they love it. If you still have questions, please see Rachel or Carrie for assistance. There is also a link below to activities if you need it.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 12/8

  • Hour of Code, 8 - 9 am, ALL teachers coding with students

Wednesday, 12/9

  • MIS Leadership Team meeting, 1:45, EAST
  • Withers, Tucker, Johnson, Cassels at VEX Robotics Training

Thursday, 12/10

  • Julie gives "State of the Building" Address to District Leadership Team, 9:00 am


Dec. 14-18

  • Team meetings
  • RtI week

Dec. 15 - School Board meeting, 5:30 pm

Dec. 16

  • Grades cut off
  • Fourth grade music programs (time TBA)

Dec. 18

  • Tacky Christmas Sweater day
  • Grades uploaded by NOON
  • Mr. Kelly in lounge with purses and jackets
  • 8:30 Christmas Sing-a-long
  • 10:30 Christmas parties
  • 1:30 Early dismissal
  • No pullouts