Animal Crossing

By: Kimberly Salazar

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Some Info(:

Genre: Social Simulation, Role Play

Released: 2005

Modes: Single-Player, Multiplayer (online)

Since it's doubled screen, the top one is the sky and the bottom is your play zone.

Story Line

Animal Crossing is pretty much living in a world with some animals. You learn to fish, plant, dig up fossils, shake trees, and collect items for money. The animals can become your friends or enemies. You start off with a small house and make your way up by working with Tom Nook, at his market. Soon you can build up your house and remodel it.

The Good

  • Get to customize character
  • Choose your friends
  • Travel
  • Cute(:

The Bad

  • Some characters are rude
  • Quality
  • Getting yelled at by the mole...
  • Getting stung
  • Small Inventory

What I Would Change?

  • Their Voices
  • Repetition
  • Saving Policy Thing
Animal Crossing Wild World TV AD

Any Questions?

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