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Summer Institute 2017 Collaborative Notes + School Year PD

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Link to Meeting Agenda & Notes

As we meet throughout the 2017-2018 school year, we will track our progress and update notes and next steps on this document.

Graphic Organizers for Fine Arts

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Social Media for Fine Arts

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"The Innovator's Mindset"

- What Ifs....on this Padlet

- Breakout to develop Vision Statement

- Voice & Choice

- Our Dream for Mooresville's Fine & Performing Arts (below)

Work Samples

(SI) Day 1 - Exit Ticket in SeeSaw

  • Exit Ticket

    • Join this class in Seesaw. Click here and sign in as a student -

    • Give and get foldable. Write in a complete sentence one thing you learned today in each box of the grid, mingle with others to get more ideas, then write your big idea take away in the last square. Take a picture of your Exit Ticket with your phone, laptop or tablet. Insert the picture in your Seesaw Account.

    • View the submissions on our blog:

(SI) Day 2 - Exit Ticket in Recap

  • Exit Ticket:

    • Sign in as a student with this class pin: dirbxmi

    • Select your icon and share a 60 second reflection of today‚Äôs session.

    • Submissions from today will be shared in a 'highlight reel' here.

(SI) Day 3 - Exit Ticket in SeeSaw

  • Exit Ticket: In your Seesaw account, post a note with your reflection of the Fine Arts Deep Dive along with a goal you have for this school year.

Helpful Links from SI 2017

A Hashtag Changed My Life - education closet article

3 Ways I Am Using Innovator's Mindset in PE - blog entry by 2015 NC HS TOY William Bode

Our Dream for Mooresville's Fine & Performing Arts (summer 2017)

Next Steps....

The MGSD K-12 Fine Arts Team wants to take the "What Ifs" from our conversations this week and create a Vision Statement to display in our classrooms and in our new Performing Arts Center.

This would be a vision through which our colleagues, community members and visitors can recognize our desire to "empower learning, unleash talent and lead a culture of creativity" within the Mooresville Graded School District. (quote from title of "The Innovator's Mindset")

Moving Forward....

Creating our Vision is possible by sustaining collaborative efforts on the part of all K-12 fine and performing arts teachers. A few teachers were unable to be with us this week; therefore, we'd like an opportunity to share with them what we've already accomplished and give them a chance to add to and enhance our vision.

Thank you for giving us the Deep Dive time this week! It has been the spark we needed to link our programs together. We look forward to hearing from MGSD administrative leaders on how to continue our adventure.

Professional Development UPDATE - November 2017 - Vision Statement is Created

Inspiring learners to be successful leaders through an appreciation and love of the arts.

Professional Development UPDATE - February 2018 - Vertical Alignment Targets are Identified

Visit the Fine Arts Vertical Alignment folder to find these documents:

1 - Grades K-12 #StandardsTarget

2 - Grades K-12 Vertical Alignment of Music Standards

3 - Grades K-12 Vertical Alignment of Art History

4 - School-specific ideas for "2 Stars, a Wish and an FYI"

Collaborative Problem Solving in Identifying Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Standards in Fine & Performing Arts

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