antelope canyon

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Antelope Canyon

Itis located in Arizona.

It is split into two parts the upper and lower canyons.The upper canyon is known as navajo which means "the place where water runs through rocks.and the lower canyon is known as hasdestwazi which means"spinal or rock arches."

They are a testament to the power of water and time, as over the years, flash flooding has created deep, gorgeous passageways—called slot canyons—that you can walk through.Because flooding in the canyons can occur quickly during monsoon season, tourists are not allowed to venture into the Antelope Slot Canyon without the presence of an authorized tour guide.Flash flood have been a problem for states in the west,but there are a few ways we can help this problem.Some ways include dams, reservoirs, flood walls and flood channels just to name a few.This work can be very expensive.IT could cost millions of dollars to build these structures.if we were to build these structures they will decrease the danger of fash floods and contain it to one area