Protestant Reformation

Henry vIII


Name-Henry vIII

Birthday-June 28,1491

Deathdate-January 28,1547

Discussion of the major protest against the church

-He makes himself head of the church of England

-The christian church seperates,forming the church of England

-He ordered the clergy to preach against superstitions,images,relics,miracles,and pilgrimages

-He fully seperated from the church of England,he was under Englands rule, no longer under Romes rule

When your person fits into the reformation


Major events os the Reformation

-England devolpes their own church(church of England)

-Henry vIII is under Englands rule, no longer under Romes rule

-Uprisings against Henry vIII and his changes,main leaders were executed

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The map above show the area in which Henry vIII had the greatest impact on

Quotes by Henry vIII

"We are by the sufferance of God,king of England;andthe kings of England in times past never had any superior but God."

"Blighted in the eyes of God."

"You have sent me a flanders mare."

"Your own loveing servant and sovereign."

"Rose within a thorn."

Major works produced by Henry vIII

Poem-Alack,Alack,what shall i do?(he is inlove with another women but is already married)

Letter-King Henry the eight wrote a letter to Cardinal Wosley.(He is writing explaining what all is going on with the new church and rules.)

Speech-speech Henry vIII gives ending his reign


1.What was greatest talent?

2.How did he take place in the reformation?

3.How many wives did he have total?

4.Did his impact on the reformation have an effect on our lives today?