"Railroads In The U.S"

The Boston Journal 1852 Writing by: Seth W. Olski

Peter Cooper And His New Invention

Mr. Cooper started a whole new era of transportation called the "Train" with a "steam engine" and "pistons". On track is called the,"railroad." Peter Cooper is the designer of this new locomotive. Who also built, the "Tomb Thumb."

The Good and Bad About This New Invention

This does help our businesses though because the employers can get to work on time if there is a distance to travel from. This is also good because we can get to places faster, it's a new initiative way for our technology in the future 163 years or so. Overall I give credit to Mr. Cooper because what his creation to America has brought us... We have a lot in store for our new country. The problems of this new in invention is the resources it takes up. Deforestation is occurring, (Ruining trees). Not to mention the steel that is being incorporated to Industries, Buildings, and Trains. Plus we have all of these railroad tracks that can wreck the community. This is ruining our economical growth.

The Tom Thumb

The Tom Thumb train locomotive is one of the first model train that Mr. Cooper made. It's the begging version of our stationary trains now. The Tom Thumb, the locomotive is the by far the best first model train in the country. Mr. Cooper is now the developer of this new way of transportation.

My Opinion

I personally believe that we should have this new railroad because we have an easier way of transportation. The steamboat or wagon is not going to cut it for us. For every 2 miles per hour a wagon goes, a train goes 30 miles per hour. This is the new revolution, and if we are going to start it, we should start it with a locomotive.

The Lowell System

The Lowell system is based off of textile mills. Francis Cabot Lowell was a mill worker with the Lowell family. Per week the Lowell Girls and Francis would get paid $2-$4 per week. Lowell decided to create the own mill system hence the name, The Lowell System. Because the wage that the Lowell's had they paid the same wage that there wage was when they work in the textile mills. later on the Rhode Island system, creator- Samuel Slater (The original textile mill system) had a trial that the Lowell's stole Samuel's idea.

Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney the inventor of "Mass Production" has high expectations for his mass production system. In his way, he did the mass production system for gun building. He also can up with the idea of "Interchangeable parts."


This new way of technology is amazing because you can print messages and other people receive them. This is crazy, who thinks that this isn't brilliant, doesn't have the right mind.
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Peter Cooper was born on February 12, 1791 and is still living proud and happy with his family.

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