Computer systems!

What's inside a computer?


Input, Process and Output

When you use a computer one of the main things that you do is input, process and output. First, you put data in to the computer (input), then the computer take edits and makes it useful (process) and then you can take it out (output).


RAM is one of the key components to a computer. It stands for Random Access Memory. It can be accessed randomly. It sends instructions around a computer but, when you take the tab off, it will be gone. It is basically a type of short term memory.

Hard drive

The hard drive of a computer is where all of the data in a computer is stored. It is kind of like a memory stick however, it is inside a computer. A typical hard drive is only a little bit bigger than your hand but, it can still hold up to 100GB of data. the data is stored on a few discs that are stored in the cover of the hard drive. It can be accessed from anywhere.


A monitor is a screen that usually is connected to a computer. It displays everything on the system on to the monitor so that you can look at it. you can also connect it to a gaming device and some other devices. They are like televisions.


CPU stands for central processing system. It sends instructions throughout the whole computer of what to do. It is like a human brain but, it is inside a computer. It is one of the most powerful and important elements of a computer.

Mother board

The mother board of a computer connects all of the elements of a computer together. They can come in many different sizes, but they can all do the same things as each other. It is also one of the most powerful devices inside a computer.Motherboard