IVF clinic in Chennai



The most common indication for PGD is when the female is older (over 35 or particularly over age 40). The chance of successful pregnancy steadily falls and the chance of miscarriage steadily rises with increasing age because more of the embryos are genetically abnormal. Such couples can choose PGD so that only normal embryos are transferred in to the uterus.

Any Chromosomal abnormality is a major cause for the failure of embryos that are implanted, and miscarriages. If implantation does occur they may lead to genetically abnormal children.

This is why IVF clinic in Chennai is the final destination for people who find no other way. Specialist doctors are found in the top IVF clinic in Chennai. Every kind of tests and advanced treatments are used on eager parents.

The top services offered by an IVF clinic in Chennai include ovarian drilling, MESA-IVF-ICSI, egg donation, sperm freezing, genetic services and embryo freezing.